Buying a Home

First home buyer friendly services. We not only find you the most suitable loan, but also help you to save.


Buying your first home should be met with full excitement and happiness, not headaches and hassles. So Joy Finance brokers utilised years of industry experience, working with real estate agent, accountant, solicitor, financial planner, and building inspector to give you an advantage over other buyers. Hold you hands step by step in your buying journey. 

We understand that you may have millions of questions when you buying your first home, but it always comes to the 5W1H questions beside.  We will help you solve the puzzle and you will be in your dream home in no time!


Why buy rather than rent?

As interest rate is at historical low and housing pricing keeps increasing. Buying a home is probably a better option for you since it will force you to save,  give you stability, freedom and create equity.

What property to buy?

Should I buy a land to build, buy a second hand home, buy a brand new house? Or should I buy a unit, an apartment or a townhouse?

Where should i buy the property?

Should I buy in the CBD? Should I buy some where cheaper but far from where I work or should I buy it close to my works? Should I buy the house in the hottest suburb or should I buy some where is currently undervalued?

When should I buy?

Should I buy it now? Or should I buy it when I got more than 10%, or 20% deposit? Should I buy it in one year, two years time? Or should I bought it 3, 5 years ago?

Who can help me with my purchase?

Do I need to get help from an accountant or a financial planner? Do I need a mortgage broker or talk to a banker? Do I have to use a conveyansor or a solisotor when buying the home? Do I need to hire a bulding inspector to inspect the property?

How does the buying process work?

How to plan my budget? How to find a property is most suitable for my situation? How to neotiating with real estate agent and lender? 

Find the right mortgage broker for your first home.

What You Get

At Joy Finance, we provide you with a lifetime ongoing service by offering regular reviews of your mortgage and protection needs.

Free help with choosing a loan.

Free help with loan paperwork and application.

Free credit score report.

Free help with loan structuring & negotiation of interest rate pricing.

Free property valuation.

Get a Free Consultation

At Joy Finance, we assess the goals and needs of our clients and find a solution that is tailored to their needs. We select the most suitable loan product out of 1000 different loans, that perfectly fits our clients’ personal / business goals. We partner with the best real estate agents, accountants, lawyers to help our clients in applying for the right loans. At Joy Finance, we work around your schedule. Our mortgage broker is available to assist you between 9 AM -9 PM, 7 days a week and respond to email within 24 hours. Give us a call today or apply online for a free consultation.

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